Thursday, June 23, 2011

to be square or not to be square...?

Traditional is good, but sometimes you just need something different!

We had a guest come to us with just this desire. She wanted something simple yet interesting to enhance her delicate cross stitch of a Celtic knot.

The only thing she requested was the inside of the mat NOT to be cut square. We decided to go with an octagon cut mat inside a square frame:

The next step in our design was to add a rustic gold fillet. This custom element is something that can add a touch of detail with out being to overpowering. Even in an octagon shape!

The frame we choose is a knot inspired heavily detailed wood frame with just the right amount of rustic yet upscale character. The frame was chose in a light natural wood finish to compliment the the the cross stitch and lighten up the darker mat:

The finished piece is an example of how you can frame with character and interest and still remain elegant. We enjoy designing with colors and textures keeping in mind the art work is the focus:
In the end our customer was thrilled with the results and we couldn't be happier!

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