Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Interview with Featured Artist Karin Exter

This month at Wisedesignz we are featuring art work by Karin Exter. Karin is an artist I have know for many years and have enjoyed her work immensely! I hope you enjoy our interview and gain some insight into the creative process of this talented artist.

An interview with Artist Karin Exter:

JW: Please tell us a little bit about your background as an artist:

I have always been involved in the art world in all its aspects since I can remember; visual arts, music, ballet and performing arts.  I used to do sculpture and charcoal drawings and detailed graphic drawings.  A few years ago  I  started exploring different mediums and whilst traveling, I studied the traditional way of creating wherever I might find myself. 

JW: can you explain your artistic process?:

KE:  In this exhibition 90 percent of the products used are traditionally made Japanese products -   I took the old ways and combined it with new ways......the paper was pasted on modern forms and then protected with a Japanese fluid that mainly contains rabbit skin glue and allum.  Organic pasting medium was used in some artwork, like the 'Attaction'.  It was a lot of washi layering but still keeping the depth that washi created when layering.  The linear aquerelle figure studies was done in not the most perfection of lines since I wanted to contain the organic feel of it - the texture of the paper with the aquerelle.  The aluminum was worked to a smooth texture using a lot of different sandpapers, but still I wanted to leave a bit of an organic feel to it with some lines in it. I feel that one can easily overwork and forget the original starting point of ones idea that one wants to convey.  Some times simplicity goes a long way and let the viewer take it further, a journey I wanted the viewer to take and make their own.

JW: What and or who inspires you as an artist?:

KE: Michealangelo - classic, strong and a storyteller through all his mediums.

JW: Thank you so much for sharing your creative insights and inspired works of art!
 "Communal Aspirations"
 "Pearl Divers"
http://www.wisedesignz.com/exhibits.htmlarins art work will be with us for the rest of the month of October. Please join us for an artist reception during the Everett Art Walk Saturday October 15th from 4pm-7pm
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  1. Beautiful, clear fresh lines and soft movement

  2. Beautiful, with soft and subtle movements. Fresh and clean lines