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Summer Observations, May 2013 ~ Jamie Tuttle

May 2013 at WiseDesignz Gallery

"Summer Observations"
Jamie Tuttle

Jamies Art work will be on displeay with us for the month of May, 2013. 
With an artist reception Saturday May 18th during the Everett Art Walk

He works in oil on large canvas or wood

This show features work in an abstracted floral motif of bright expressive colors inspired by his wife Jill and their lovely home garden.

 Here is a short bio about Jamie and a little preview of his show.


 Post Card Image Title : "Flower Study III" Oil on canvas 1.5'x6'

 I am an abstract painter at heart. Some will look at some of my work and see what they are and others say they are not sure. I like to look closer at some of the most beautiful things that we see every day and possibly take for granted. The flowers in my back yard that my wife (Jill Tuttle) and I have cultivated has given me an almost unlimited amount of inspiration. Jill takes photos of the flowers and I look a little deeper. I then take it down to a few pixels and blow them up with my oil paint and a big canvas. I also utilize a type of oils that get overlooked by many. I use oil sticks because I like the texture that they give and also like the fact that they work like a drawing utensil.

Growing up in a small town in Iowa on a farm, I only had one major influence on my art. At an early age my father drew a lot and also designed paint jobs on classic cars. He also pushed me to get better and supported every move I made to make any strides to become an artist. I would say that I really started to take it seriously in high school. I had a teacher then, that truly took my ideas seriously and guided me. I started to pick up more mediums and pushed myself to learn more. 

 Jamie in his home studio

After graduation I met my soon to be wife (Jill Winebrinner) that encouraged me to look at collage. It was then that my art took a real turn. I started at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa in 1995. It was there that I took a real interest in art history. I spent many nights studying slides and really looking into the great masters ideas and how they did things. My professors, Dennis Dykema and Mac Hornecker pushed me to further expand my horizons and look at ordinary objects in more obscure ways.

"Echinacea" oil on canvas 24"x24"

After 2 years at BVU Jill and I were married and looked west. We moved to the Seattle area and soon after I was accepted at The Art Institute of Seattle in the Computer Animation Art and Design. I took to cartooning and pushed myself in many other directions. After graduation in 2000 I became somewhat complacent and burnt out. I did not do much art during the next few years. After a few sudden life changes I looked back to my paints again.

"Yellow" oil on canvas 15"x2.5'

"Flower Study III" in Jamie's studio

Framing & Gallery
2908 Wetmore Ave
Everett WA

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