Saturday, March 26, 2011

outside the "box"

Shadow boxes are always an interesting idea for framing those special items and treasures you just don't know how to display. We work a lot with objects of all sorts for shadow box framing, but this piece has always been a  favorite! Our customer came in with multiple items that had sentimental and visual value. She wanted us to find a way to display her antique coral and pearl jewelery together. Piece of cake!, But the challenge was she wanted to still be able to get to the jewelry...

We decided on a decorative hinged top frame. This option allowed her to retrieve the jewelry anytime as well as display and protect it when it wasn't being worn. It also served a decorative purpose in her home.When closed and hung on the wall it looks like a well designed shadow box...just with a secret!

keep in mind when thinking of having something framed that you can always go outside the "box".

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