Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Community Service!

I wanted to take some time today to thank a member of the artist community here in Everett who has done something amazing! If you are not familiar with the Everett Art Walk, now is your chance. A number of local business and art studios have been working the last 4 plus years now to get the Everett Art Walk up and running. We have had tremendous help from artists and even the City of Everett. But one artist has taken the time and effort for a number of months now to plan, organize and facilitate an out door expansion of the Everett Art Walk. This endeavor has been taken on to the fullest amount of legality and officialness.....with no personal gain in mind. Even the entry fees artists will pay for space is going only to cover insurance and promotion costs. The out door event will be a wonderful addition to the already fabulous Everett Art Walk. It will hopefully bring in more artists and vendors, as well as customers to our down town business and restaurants. For one person to take on the responsibility to organize something like this privately is amazing. The amount of work and energy is not to be taken lightly. So with that we thank you Claudia Postema for all your hard work and motivation! I imagine your brain child will be a great success. It just proves to me it takes individuals with a vision of the greater good to constantly enrich our wonderful community.


  1. Yes!!!! THANK YOU CLAUDIA!!!!
    We are gonna soooooo Raaaawwwkkk Everett!
    I can't Thank you enough!
    kay..now I gotta get back to making things to get ready for the 3rd Sat. Everett Art Walk....
    skipidiy dooo da...skipidy daaayyyy....

  2. I love this idea!!! Thanks for spearheading this community adventure. You guys rock!