Saturday, February 25, 2012

Art & Community

Its been a while since I posted anything on our blogg & I felt that the best subject to cover due to recent circumstances was the connection between art, artists and the community!
Many of you know about the status of our dear friend and only employee here at WiseDesignz ,Ursula Stocke.

(for those of you who might not know, I will follow up info in the end of this blog today.)

The purpose of my entry today is to acknowledge, in my opinion, how art brings a community together in good times and can create a beautiful moment out of difficult times. Artists and people who appreciate the arts can come together for any reason at any time to celebrate art and all the good art does, but lately I have seen artists and art supporters poor out generosity and concern in a manner that is beyond amazing! Artists are not usually known for having large bank accounts ,so what they do have to give is something directly from their heart and soul. 
I just want to extend a Thank You to all who have gone above and beyond to help.

here is the promised info if you are not familiar:

Last month, Ursula Stocke was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Her doctors had thought for many months her symptoms were caused by another benign, curable condition. Left untested and untreated, Ursula's condition worsened and her cancer spread. She is now fighting for her life, but is determined to beat this.

Ursula is a local artist who is known throughout the state for all of the art markets and festivals where she has shown her work, and for the classes and workshops she has taught over the years, sharing her special skills as a painter and a mentor. She is known and loved for her compassion, her generosity, her sincerity and her smile. Ursula never hesitates to help those in need, and gives often through volunteer work, mentoring, and supporting charities she cares passionately about. But now she is in need of our help.

There will be a silent auction held at the Schack Art Center to help offset Ursula's medical expenses, and we hope you will be able to make a donation. 100% of the money raised at the auction will do directly to Ursula.

If you are a business or an artist, this is a great way to advertise! We will be happy to set out business cards and/or brochures at the auction, as well as list your information on a Facebook page we have created for the event. All items to be auctioned will be posted (with photographs if applicable) on the event page.

Ursula is very loved in the community, and we expect a large attendance at her fundraiser. The event will include live painting, music, drinks and will be widely advertised. Your donation will not only help a wonderful person fight cancer,but will hopefully bring new business to you.

Event details:
Schack Art Center 2921 Hoyt Avenue~ Downtown Everett
Friday, March 16th 6:00-9:30

Donation Deadlines: last day for drop off Sunday, March 4th.
Drop off locations:
WiseDesignz Gallery Tues-Frit 10-6, Sat 10-4
2908 Wetmore Ave Everett WA 98201
Lowell Art Works, Tues-Sat 12-5 or Sun March 4th 12-3
5205 South 2nd Ave Everett WA 98203

Gift Certificates may be mailed to: WiseDesignz Gallery, 2908 Wetmore Ave Everett WA 98201

Pickup of items is also available for business donations.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Please direct any questions to Josey Wise at 425-259-2361

Ursula's Friends and Family

here is a link to the Benefit For Ursula Stocke Facebook page (updated info, date reminders, and a silent auction image preview)

here is a link to the Give Forward donation site: (direct monetary donation site for Ursula Stocke)

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  1. I love Ursula. I have always loved Ursula as a gentle soul and compassionate artist of merit.

    I remember one day I saw Ursula give Ron a tender look that spoke so clearly from her caring heart. I also remember teasing Ron about it.

    This was before I or anyone else knew they were beginning a personal relationship.

    Ursula and Ron's love for each other is a touchstone of healing for me personally. I hope to reflect it back to them in any way possible.