Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun With Flies

Fun with Flies

One of my favorite instantly gratifying projects has always been framing Fly Fishing Ties.

People who tie flies put a lot of time and effort into these little masterpieces, and framing them is always fun!

This customer wanted to showcase seven flies her father had masterfully tied. 

She wanted to display them in a vertical fashion, keeping the foot print of the framed piece small on her wall but still creating interest and drama.

We started with a lot of mat cutting! We cut mats by hand, so this requires a lot of patience and precision.

The soft green suede mat reminded our customer of the rushes by the river when fishing with her father.

When mounting flies, we always prefer to laboriously sew down the fly as apposed to any sort of adhesive. It takes much longer but is completely removable. No GLUE!!!

Hand made flies are made from delicate feathers and are very small. Much patience is needed in these projects! But, they are almost instantly one of the most lovely visuals when framed.

Our customer added a custom plaque to honor her father as the artists. This is a small detail that really finishes off the design.

When the pieces is finished we have a beautiful way to display and protect treasured heirlooms for our client!

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