Saturday, April 2, 2011

Interview with Artist Juliette Ricci Lagman

Today I would like to post an interview with accomplished Everett native Juliette Ricci Lagman. I have known Juliette for years now since the day we worked at Art Supply Northwest. Even then I thought her work was beyond her years. Juliette's work consists of painting, poetry and photography mixed in a thoughtful and deeply personal way. She has shown her work from Bellingham to Tacoma where she now lives. Juliette has been a featured artist at WiseDesignz and we always offer her prints in the gallery. I hope you enjoy our interview with Juliette Ricci Lagman:

JW: Tell us a bit about your arts education

JRL: I studied photography at Everett Community College for about two years.  It was a fantastic program with a great community and amazing instructors.  I then continued on to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts.  SAIC is interdisciplinary, so I tried a bit of everything.  I studied performance art, film, printmaking, art history, photography, drawing, and mainly painting.  I loved it.  My Modern Art History class had to be my favorite, and also a class called Painting with Print methods, where I learned garage style - at home printmaking techniques.  My current work is a combination of my favorite media:  writing, painting, and photography, and I pull a little bit from all that I learned, even performance.  Chicago was the best place to learn because there was so much culture and art in the city.  They say the city is the classroom there.  

JW: How would you describe your Art?:  

JRL:  My art is derived from my love of handwriting.  I have always loved writing letters, and journaling, keeping a diary.  I really love pop culture, great images, and color.  I started out primarily as a photographer, but became lured by the limitless possibilites painting had to offer, along with all the textures you can create as well.  The canvas is treated a lot like the pages of my sketchbook or diary in my work.   

JW: When were you inspired in the arts?

JRL:  I didn't discover my love for photography until high school.  Art came a bit later, when I started working at an Art Supply Northwest in Everett, and was studying at EVCC.

JW: Can you remeber the time and place?:

JRL:  I remember seeing a really inspiring show with my mom at Seattle Art Museum. Picasso and Friends.  There were some amazing works by Matisse.  My mom was alway supportive of my desire to take photos.  She bought me tons of film, and always paid for my photo processing.  I would take pictures of all my friends, because I thought I would become a famous fashion photographer, or photograph celebrities just like Annie Leibovitz.

JW: Can you tell us a bit about your history with Everett?

JRL:  I grew up in Everett, going to school there.  I alway loved the local artists, so much color, creativity, and innovation.  In high school I showed at the Arts Council of Snohomish County through the National Scholastic Awards.  There was a great foundation in Everett as a young artist.  Working at the art supply store, and going to school there was one of the best times of my life.  I have met my life long friends there, not to mention some amazingly talented artists.

JW: What inspires you now as an artist?:

JRL:  I am still inspired by my favorite, Andy Warhol, everyday.  I see his influence everywhere, or is it pop cultures influence?  Who can tell?  I am inspired by everyday things, frustrations, wins, going to the grocery store, reality tv, music... I live in Tacoma now, and this city offers tons of inspriation with it's grittyness, and hardworking people.

JW: What advice can you give to emerging artists:

JRL:  Figure out what you love, and don't look back.  If anyone tells you that you can't, tell them in no uncertain terms that you can and you will.

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  1. RAAAWWWKK ON!!!and AMEN!!!! Juliette I Adore you and your work!! Andy would be proud....he has always been a hero of mine as well:)Thank You for making this world a funner place...(ya I know funner is not a word...but it soooo how it is)<3