Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art in Hard Times

I know in hard economic times Art is a luxury and not a necessity and many of us ask ourselves "is it even worth it?". I think it is. I imagine that it seems obvious that I would think that way about Art, but I have a number of reasons why. And not just the "I have an art related business" either!

I have seen Art raise the spirits and hopes of people in depression. I have seen Art capture the imaginations of  children. I have seen Art bring together communities. I think to most of us, this all still seems obvious. So how can we keep all this going even in hard financial times?

Well...we cant always expect people to be able to buy art, but we have to keep making it. We cant expect people to come to shows or festivals, but we have to keep putting them on. We cant even expect high returns from our investments as artists, but we still have to keep doing what we do with a smile! Eventually things will turn around and we will still be here, painting and sculpting and singing and creating wonderful Art for the world to enjoy!

 kids creating an Artist Quilt
 free spirits dancing to live music
 children watching as art is created
Live music on the street.

So in the grand scope of things I do feel it is worth it. Every little bit!

1 comment:

  1. Right there with you!! It possesses a healing factor that goes beyond words. Art propels the soul to dream... and often change us forever!

    Three cheers for Art!