Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new Perspective..

  Every Now and then we get a customer who has a basic idea but wants us to take it to the next level. This is an example of how that can work! Our customer had an original needlepoint of two swimming koi that she wanted to be extra special when framed. She knew she didn't want the mat to be cut square on the inside and the rest she left to us. We figured it would be fun and creative to play with the idea that the koi were swimming in a koi pond and to give it some dimension.

We cut the mat free hand to look like the organic edges of the water rim, then raised the mat a level above the needlepoint so the koi appeared to be swimming under the water. The next step was the rock level of the koi pond. For this we looked to R Jay of Artisan Inkwell,,our sister company. We had him print a photo of pond edging stones onto high quality paper that we then adhered to a mat and then cut for the finished look. The last step was a patina finished bamboo frame to add texture and color. The final product is decorative and interesting with out overwhelming the delicate needle point.

Decorative matting isn't for everyone or every project, but for the right piece it can add a new dimension and perspective to your framing!

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