Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview with Artist Lyussy Hyder

I have known Lyussy Hyder for close to 10 years now. She has been a constant support to many emerging local artists in our area. She showed other artists work in her galleries "Art Boutique" and Solovei Gallery" here in Everett for a number of years. Lyussy has been featured at WiseDesignz in the past and is our artist for the month of April. I hope you enjoy our interview with Lyussy Hyder:

JW: Tell us a bit about your arts education

LH: I consider my art education an on-going thing. Formal training since high school at the evening classes at the architectural institute of my home of Ekaterinburg, Russia, and later in United States - art classes at EvCC, surely kept building the base of my skills. Attending numerous workshops though helped me to orient myself in the world of art, and choose the direction I wished to go. But any encounter with art in any form is influential for the appreciative soul. Theater, music, dance, literature, sculptures, paintings, as well as lectures and books on art history, - it all teaches me ideas, taste, courage to express myself, to reach out. 

JW: How would you describe your Art?:

LH: I work in realistic style. I try to paint the essence, the character of my subjects. It's fun to find idiosyncrasies in objects or models which everybody can relate to.  

JW: When were you inspired in the arts?

LH: World of art always was a comfortable place for me. I was dreaming to be a part of it from the early age, and my ideas were wast - I wanted to be a cartoon animator, an architect, a fashion designer...  But it was much later in life when I could fully dedicate my time to painting.

JW: Can you remember the time and place?:

LH: The desire to run and buy paint and brushes first time stroke me after seeing great Russian masters like Repin and Surikov at the Russian Museum in Moscow, when I was 14 yo. That permanent impact I had from viewing their originals made me think of the possibility to get serious with my own art.

JW: Can you tell us a bit about your history with Everett?

LH: I arrived to Everett in 1995 from Russia, and lived here ever since. I went to Everett Community College, worked locally, joined Everett artists coop "Studio Art," and later became a business owner - opened my own art gallery "Solovei." I love our town, and happy to see its art scene evolving and growing so rapidly. 

JW: What inspires you now as an artist?:

LH: I am alert and sensitive to moods, thoughts, impressions from meeting people, or just surroundings, which my imagination links and translates into visual images. I am very drawn to human form and face, I feel greatly inspired to do figurative work and portraits. 

JW: What advice can you give to emerging artists:

LH: Have best of times making art. Do your best too! Bring your own experience into your art expressions, and work, work, work. While we can't count on constant acclamation for our art labor, believe in yourself, be original and persevering.


  1. I had no Idea that you have only been here since 1995! have come along way baby!!!!!!!!!keep up your ground breaking achievments Lyussy! You and your art work is Amazing!<3 Shannon

  2. Thanks so much, Josie for giving us a look at the artist as well as the art. I enjoyed reading about Lyussy's background and thoughts on her own work. I heartily agree with her, "art education an on-going thing", it keeps us challenged and growing!