Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom Ideas with Simple Mats

Sometimes in custom matting its easy for people to forget about the custom part! "Custom" can be more then just selecting mat colors that compliment the art. For some art work a specialized finish or cut can be appropriate to take it from simply custom to a real "WOW" piece.
This piece, for example, needed something more then just a rectangle mat opening. We did a custom drop down cut to fit the exact shape of the drawing. By keeping the rest of the mats and frame simple we were able to achieve an elegant and one-of-a-kind look.
This piece needed a little something extra to create the feel of an aged pirate map! We chose to tear the inside edge of the map. We then applied a custom mixed acrylic patina to the torn area. This gives the look of burned or aged paper but still keeps the overall look of the mats consistent. The idea is to compliment the artwork not overtake it.
With this piece it was clear to us what needed to be done to make this just a little more special! Simply hand painting spiderwebs in two of the corners fit perfectly with this print. It was an easy thing for us to do and it completes the look our customer was going for.

Like other decorative designs, these ideas wouldn't work for every project. But the idea is to open your mind to the possibilities to custom matting. The options are endless!

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