Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living the Dream

I am sure many new or up and coming  Artists have anxieties about the art world. Even in the local scene it can seem like a formidable challenge to get your art out for others to enjoy! For most of us it is not realistic to think we are going to be "discovered" by some famous talent agent and become the Next Big Thing. Especially if we never get out into the public. So it takes a bit of hard work and, like most worthwhile dreams , time and patience. We as artists also need to take the responsibility on our selves to get OUT THERE! There are opportunities all around from cafes to juried exhibitions, art galleries to street fairs. All open to new artists. My advice would be to check out all the galleries, festivals, art walks and arts councils in your community and sign up for mailing lists. Many are now e-mail lists and you can get instant information on what is coming up. If you are able to participate in any way, this will help you feel like a part of the arts community and opportunities will start to arise! And be brave! It can be quite intimidating to submit to your art work with the chance of being denied, but this is part of the deal. When you get your first acceptance, solo show or sale it will all seem worth it in the end!

These photos are an example of an up and coming artist Angela Puerschner at her very first solo show. This exhibit at WiseDesignz in 2010 was Angela's first experience at getting her art work out into the public.

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  1. Excellent advise Josey!
    The being Brave part and not giving up when you are not accepted is sooo true...AND not thinking you art is not good enough is a HUGE obstical to get over...I still do that and I am always surprised that the art I am not that fond of is the art that is what people like...The summer expansion to the art walk is going to be a great opportunity for all of us artists! Hope to see everyone there as well as artists I have not met yet:)